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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Women's Health - 3 Reasons Women Should Train With Kettlebells!

Women's Health - 3 Reasons Women Should Train With Kettlebells!Ladies it is no secret that exercise improves everyone's health and total well-being. However, the term "exercise" can be used rather loosely when referring to what really works in terms of your OPTIMAL health and fitness!

For starters, if you consider exercise taking a stroll around the block with your friend, family member, or neighbor then you would be right. This is no doubt a form of exercise, but the question is "Is this considered exercise that would be OPTIMAL for your health?" I want to introduce to you an ancient device that has been field tested and proven for supreme human health, fitness, and strength for over three centuries; the kettlebell. Check out the following 3 reasons as to why you should train with this ancient device.

1. Superior Strength: Ladies, I often find that women get a bit "nervous" or are "turned off" whenever I mention a word or phrase like superior strength. The fact is that strength is the necessary trait for anyone to perform any given task. Without strength you cannot effectively perform work and therefore you cannot get the most out of your fitness program. Kettlebells are a tremendous tool for you to achieve strength and total-body control giving you an optimal level of it for you to be as fit as possible. I'm not talking about bodybuilding or trying to build "big" muscles. Even if I was the female body doesn't develop those huge muscles because the female body is incapable of doing so without a direct aid from some outside agent. Female bodybuilders train specifically for that very purpose to be huge, but the fact is that there aren't many of them around and most of them use some performance enhancing agent to aid them with gaining that look. Strength is your goal here.

2. Superior Cardiovascular Fitness: The kettlebell certainly will build you a heart that can be as strong as the heart of a lion. This is a massively important detail concerning your health, because of the increasing number of heart health issues that develop in women later on in life. When you swing the kettlebell for the first time you will quickly see just how your heart can become as strong and fit as any other part of your body. Weight-loss, fat-loss, and the doctor telling you that your resting heart rate and blood pressure numbers are that of a competing athlete can feel just as good as fitting into to those old pair of pants! Trust me, you will appreciate this reason especially if you have to look your husband and kids in the face to give them the news after you leave the office. Which doctor's report would you prefer to give them, the good one or the bad one?

3. Strong Bones: Well, if you are approaching a certain time in your life where "the big change" is around the corner then you are probably aware of the infamous condition of osteoporosis. This reason should really motivate you. Kettlebells are a tremendous body strengthening tool. We now know that PROPER strength training can actually build stronger bones with the stronger muscles. Not only can strength training reduce the risk of osteoporosis, but it can actually REVERSE the process in some cases. Kettlebell exercises, when done properly, can be a woman's best friend when it comes down to what matters! Ladies what matters is your health. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Some Tips on Women's Health

Some Tips on Women's HealthGetting up early, making food, cleaning the house, getting children ready for school, going to the office, etc., are some of the daily tasks that most women have every morning. Besides managing their homes, they manage their children and spouse as well as the office. This gives us an idea of how important it is for women to remain healthy all times. Ironically, it is often women themselves who ignore their health for various reasons.

Women's health is often misunderstood for the dieting and weight loss programs that help them maintain the body as well as the beauty tips for glowing skin and hair. A healthy body actually means a body supplied with the essential nutrients and is immune to disease-causing germs. Proper diet and loss of weight are definitely part of all this, however, they are not the most crucial factors that define women's health.

The lifestyle of today often forces women to eat whatever that they get from restaurants and fast food places, especially if they are working. Needless to say, this is a highly unhealthy practice that affects their health. So what are some of the factors that help women in protecting and maintaining their health? Here are a few of them:

• Make sure that the food you eat has all the essential proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats. Sometimes, women try to avoid carbohydrates and fats for weight loss. However, keeping them away completely is also not a good idea. Carbohydrates and fats in adequate amounts are necessary for women for total health protection.

• Working out daily can do wonders for the body, keeping it fit and healthy all the time. Even slight exercises like walking can be really helpful. Yoga is a similar habit that can keep your physical and mental well being intact

• Avoid medicines that offer false promises like reduction of weight or healthier skin. It is your lifestyle and eating habits that decide your weight as well as skin. Hence, it would be much better if you avoid medicines for any reason. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

• Get a periodical check up as much as possible. The amount of effort you put in everyday could take a toll on you in the long run. It is always better to consult a doctor occasionally to make sure that you remain healthy and free of any health issues.

• Keep your mind peaceful and remain happy always. Women's health is related closely to their mental condition. If the mind is upset it could affect the body too. Try to avoid tensions and worries and stay happy always.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Women's Health - 10 Steps to Getting Fit & Healthy

Women's Health - 10 Steps to Getting Fit & Healthy1.Eat a Balanced Diet. Try eating 5 or 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large meals. Don't skip breakfast. Don't skip any meals. Eat every 2.5 to 3 hrs to keep your metabolism and energy levels up. This will prevent binge eating, and it's easier to make healthy food choices when you're not starving.

2.Drink Plenty of Water. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day hydrates the body and flushes impurities out of the system. Water aids in digestion and is also a natural diuretic for reducing water weight gain..

3.Increase Physical Activity. If you haven't exercised for a long time, start by taking a 15 minute walk. Increase by 5 minutes a day or every other day until you're walking at least 30 minutes at a time. This is great for increasing your metabolism, aids in digestion and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and other diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Once you start feeling the effects of exercise, you'll want to start doing other activities..

4.Take Vitamins and Supplements. There is some debate about whether vitamins and supplements actually do any good, but most people agree that they feel better when taking vitamins. It is very hard to get the necessary Calcium and other vitamins essential to good health just from food, even when eating a healthy balanced diet. Calcium is essential for preventing osteoporosis. Taking a multi-vitamin and a calcium supplement in addition to a healthy diet is usually sufficient to getting adequate vitamins and minerals..

5.Relax. Stress has been linked to many illnesses and causes women to age prematurely. Many women lead very stressful lives, so it's important to take time to relax. Take a nice luxurious bath, read a book, listen to music, go dancing. Find something that not only relaxes you during the activity, but will last for a while. .

6.Say Cheez. Keeping your teeth and mouth healthy is important for your overall health. Having good breath and a beautiful smile is also good for self-esteem. Visit your dentist regularly for good oral hygiene..

7.Get Your Annual Exam. Make sure you visit your gynecologist every year to get a pap smear, breast exam and make sure there are no issues. Women over 40 should also have a Mammogram. All women should exam their breasts regularly. Do self-exams every month to make sure there are no changes in your breasts..

8.Sex in the City. Practice safe sex. Use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Some diseases will kill you and some just stay with you forever. If the guy won't wear a condom, don't have sex with him. Put your health and safety first..

9.Control Your Vices. Smoking is bad for your health, so quit. Do whatever it takes to kick that habit. Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink. Smoking and drinking will age you prematurely, and cause health issues as you get older. Having a glass of wine with dinner is not a problem. In fact, there may be benefits to having a glass of red wine every*day. That doesn't mean drink the whole bottle..

10.Skip the Tan. Use sunscreen or better yet, use sunblock to prevent the effects from the harmful rays of the sun. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and hats to protect your face. Overexposure to the sun causes skin cancer and premature wrinkles. The best thing to prevent wrinkles is to protect your skin from the sun. Tanning beds are no better. A tanning bed is a human toaster. Think about the skin damage caused by toasting your skin. There are many sunless tanning products on the market that will give you a beautiful tan without damaging your skin..

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Way to Women's Health

The Way to Women's HealthWomen need to take very good care of their health. To stay fit, they need to take a balanced diet which is very different from one woman to the other. The diet also changes per the age and the work she is involved in. It is advised not to diet too much for ladies, as there are a lot of things that they do not realize are far more important for them than they take them to be. Before changing to any other diet then the usual, it is advised to consult a doctor.

Diet for a good women's health must have a lot of fiber rich food and low fat food. Along with this it must also have some food products that are rich in iron and calcium. Calcium is a must for all the age groups of women as their bones are more delicate than men and this is also must to prevent one from the cramps and for premenstrual problems. For the immune system women need to intake vitamin E. This vitamin also prevents women's skin from wrinkles.

Be it women or men, it is always said to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. This is important to the ladies to keep the body hydrated and also is must for those women who breast feed their babies. Water keeps the flow of the milk in breasts so that it is easy for the baby as well as the mother to feed the baby. At this time for the best woman's health they must quit smoking. This is strictly to be followed during pregnancy. This can also lead to breast cancer. And above all way to good women's health is avoiding stress and keeping away from any sort of tension. For this they must exercise regularly.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Ideas For Breaking Social Norms For Student Psychology Experiments

Ideas For Breaking Social Norms For Student Psychology Experiments"I have to break a social norm for my psych class. Any suggestions?"

Every psychology course has this experiment they make you do, where you have to go out and break social norms and then observe people's reactions. And I always see students posting somewhere asking what should they do, because they can't think of anything.

I'm an expert at living this way. Here's a list of ideas:

Be a guy and hate sports.

Actively try to talk other men out of their sports fandom.

Don't watch TV in public places.

Such as at bars, restaurants, and break areas. Instead, take the seat directly under the TV or as close as possible, facing away, and actively watch the people watching the TV. Study them like primates at the zoo. You'll even discover that an audience is twice as fascinating as anything that's on the tube.

Be online and use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Almost counts as a taboo these days. At least half the readers so far have hated me a little bit, but they can't quite put their finger on why.

Show up at any gambling establishment and loudly proclaim the true mathematical odds to the games.

You can do this at a counter selling lotto tickets, too. Casino security will throw you out.

Pick up trash in public places.

Like, a busy street intersection, a fairgrounds, a public park, the beach, etc. Patrol it. If you see someone litter, don't even confront them about it, just pick the trash up and put it in the receptacle like that was your job.

Stand by crosswalk buttons, elevator buttons, and door buttons and push them for everybody who walks up.

Just like you were there for that purpose. Another fun one is stay in the restroom and whenever anybody's done washing their hands, do whatever you have to do to get the damned paper towel dispenser to cough up a few sheets and have it ready to hand them by the time they get there.

Take up origami. Make it your calling card.

Leave little paper froggies and cranes along with your tip for the waitress. Hand out paper flowers in public places. It's like being a performing street mime, but you're the origami person. Take requests. Fascinate kids in the waiting room at the doctor's office. Re-purpose your junk mail.

Go outside dressed for summer in sub-freezing temperatures.

It helps if you're a native northerner and are used to the cold. Barefoot footprints in the snow are amazing. Shorts and a Tshirt everywhere.

If you live in Las Vegas, take a cocktail in a glass with you everywhere you go.

Las Vegas is one drunk city and I did this when I lived there - I specify Las Vegas because of their extra-lax laws on public drinking. I'm talking a real drink, with ice cubes and a swizzle stick. It doesn't even get much of a reaction. Don't drive, of course. The store, the bank, your landlord's office when you drop off the rent check, at the laundromat, etc. Heck, it's hard to find someplace that isn't selling alcohol already.

Spend the day talking in a different voice.

If you can do voices or at least accents, do a munchkin or Tweety or Elmer Fudd all day. Keep it up even after you're getting tired of it yourself.

If you're any good at acting, act dumber than you really are.

Spend the day role-playing as Forest Gump, or somebody at about the same IQ level. Don't do this if you're easily depressed, because it's really sad to see how much more open people are to you if they think you're dumb. Women flirt more, people trust you and confide in you more, everyone's guard is down, and you get praised outrageously for completing the simplest task if it appeared that you're struggling with it.

Dance, sing, skip, and otherwise frolic everywhere you go.

People will inevitably ask you why. Just smile like a million bucks and say "I'm being happy!" It's amazing how upset people get when they see somebody being happy in public for no reason! You'd think people were ready to call the police or something.

Drive the speed limit.

In fact, obey every traffic law to the letter. Every other driver on the road will be foaming with rage at you. In city driving, stoplights are actually timed to work with speed limits, so the idiot who's screeching and weaving through traffic will just get to be the first one to stop at the next stoplight and wait the longest. Pull up beside them again at your sedate 35MPH pace. Wave to them like you're the Queen of England.

Use an alternative operating system.

I run Linux. Furthermore, when the subject comes up, if I possibly can get away with it I act like I'm the majority and it's the people who use Windows that are on a freaky fringe cult.

Be super-conscious of other people's clothes.

We all compliment somebody else's shirt or something. This is taking it to the next level. Really look at what people are wearing and try to analyze the logic. Are they making a statement, obeying a custom, being boring and practical, or just throwing on whatever was between them and the door that morning? Evaluate it out loud and ask them if you're right. Engage people in conversation about it - what was going thrnugh their heads when they picked out that outfit? How did they end up with this item? Why did they buy it? Why did they wear black today? Do they think the green in this blouse goes with their eyes? Are they wearing "fall colors"? Do they really like that team? Where did this stain come from? Do they know this button's missing? And so on. Watch out, women will think a man is a creep for ogling them.

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