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Friday, 18 May 2012

The Positive Effects of Regular Shopping on Women's Health

The Positive Effects of Regular Shopping on Women's HealthMen, especially husbands often complain about the compulsive shopping of their wives and spouses. It is a fact that women are shopping lovers and spend a great part of their time, energy and money on shopping. Nevertheless, for some it is a very healthy activity that keeps women updated and bodily fit. Shopping also minimizes the boredom of just sitting idle at home. Might sound unbelievable, but read further!

It is a common observation that women go shopping regularly. They spend much time haggling and bargaining. They enjoy finding newer items and cheaper things. They prefer clothes, ornaments and other decorative items. Thus, it keeps them busy and they think much less about eating all day long. Besides, they walk long distances moving in a market from one shop to the other.

This is a unique angle of taking things, often irritating to men, positively. This window shopping or the actual one keeps women moving and entertained all along, thus making a healthy influence on their life in general. Women when engaged in shopping, searching things and talking to their friends forget eating much and burn their extra calories by walking around.

Compared to using exercise machines, that easily make you bored, one may shop for hours, enjoy the weather and company of friends, or forget the worries and walk at the same time. Besides, spending much on the machines is not advisable as one gets home ridden and gets tired of exercising and instead starts watching television.

This technique is workable. The reason of its success is the enjoyment it carries. It is a universal fact that one is bound to be successful in the target if one enjoys doing it. If you do not like the thing you do, you may easily get tired and bored. And in this way, you will leave the exercise only after a few days.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Secrets To Improving Women's Health and Fitness

Secrets To Improving Women's Health and FitnessWhat should you eat? What exercise program should you try? Who should you listen to? So many questions and so many answers. What's the best way to steer your way through this myriad of unknowns in order that you can experience better health and fitness?

Sometimes the best answers are the simplest ones. Rather than worrying about all of the what's that you should choose from how about taking a moment to ask yourself what's best for you. You are after all the person who knows yourself the best. So all of these questions about what foods to eat, what exercises to do, and who to believe should be looked at only after you take a good look at yourself and decide what you really want in your quest for better women's health and fitness

After you listen to, watch, and read all of the information that you want about eating and exercising you have to decide what's best for you. Case in point. You read a great article on the best foods for weight loss but find out that the list includes mostly foods that you are allergic to. The weight loss program that you are interested in suggests that you use free weights because this will add strength and help you burn fat but you know that you won't go to a gym and you know that you just won't lift weights. So if you know that even though something sounds good, you just won't do what the program asks for, why get started?

Here's some healthy ideas for you to consider when choosing and beginning an exercise program.

Decide to get started and then make a choice as to a program that will work for you.

Once you have chosen a program commit to scheduling time to do the workout.

Think about doing this new program with a friend. Whether you choose to do a home workout or you choose to go to a class it's always easier to get started with a friend. Planning a workout program with a friend also helps both of you be more accountable for doing the program and also for improving your women's health and fitness.

Choosing a class to go to may be a good idea because having an instructor helps you know that you are doing the movements correctly and also puts you in an environment with others who are also encouraging and trying to reach similar goals.

Be careful about comparing. All to often people lose interest in their exercise program because they tell themselves that they are not as slim, fast, good, or other reasons as the person or people that they are doing a workout with. Do what you can do and be happy with the results. Watching and comparing yourself to others is a sure fire way to sabotage your desire to continue with your fitness program.

Be patient. It takes time to see big results but be on the look out for little progress. Being regular with your exercise will soon have you seeing the results that you are looking for even if those results may not happen as quickly as you might like. It takes time and your patience and persistence will be rewarded. One step at a time.

Celebrate. Be happy for your progress and pat yourself of the back when you are able to do something better than you did the day or week before. Getting fit can be hard work at times so it's necessary to feel that you are moving in the right direction. Give yourself credit and you will find your women's health and fitness program to be much more enjoyable.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Empowering Women - Women's Health Tips For a Healthier You

Empowering Women - Women's Health Tips For a Healthier YouBeing a woman can be so complex and interesting at the same time. They have the ability to multi-task and the capability to extend over their limits and abilities. They have the ability to give birth and give it the kind of nurture that it needs to live a life of its own.

Women go through several phases, do many things and take in so many responsibilities that they sometimes forget to care for themselves.

Health care among women is usually put aside because of the massive tasks that a woman undertakes. This means that they should take extra nutrition and care. There are many common diseases that women experience, some of which are osteoporosis, anemia, weight gain, depression and anxiety. They may be perceived as simple symptoms but if not cared for, it can become a serious health risk. Not doing the proper care for a woman's health can be put a woman at risk with some health issues that are exclusive for women alone. An example of which is breast cancer.

Breast cancer is one of the top causes for death by cancer among women. It occurs when a cell in the breast goes under some change that could cause it to grow uncontrollably.
There is no definite way of preventing it but what women can do is to try reduce the risk and to detect it in its earliest stage.

Getting a breast massage can reduce the risk of cancer. Doing a self care massage can stimulate increased lymph and improve the blood flow towards the breast. Gently knead and squeeze the breast and rub and stroke it with the palms and fingers to not put too much pressure. Massages can also be a great way to detect lumps around the breast.

In general, women should know how to care for themselves and the proper way to do it is to follow a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Women should always be hydrated. Drink about 8-12 glasses of water to gain extra energy throughout the day.

Try to avoid drinks like coffee, tea and carbonated drinks because the high sugar level of these drinks is not healthy if taken in too much. Get a hobby to relieve stress and anxiety, or better yet, get a massage at least once a month to relax those muscles and to release the stress and tension in the body.

Always start the day by eating breakfast. Try not to skip meals whether at home or at work. Eat a lot of fiber rich foods like fresh fruits and vegetable. Make sure to increase the intake of protein and an adequate amount of carbohydrates in the diets. Make that diet calcium rich and do some exercise and work out as well to avoid becoming a victim of osteoporosis and to stay fit and healthy.

Try to get a regular health checkup because it is a great way to detect health complications at an early stage. Try to get as much as 8 hours of sleep everyday to have more energy the following day.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Will An Arizona Health Insurance Bill Trample Women's Health Rights?

Will An Arizona Health Insurance Bill Trample Women's Health Rights?A particular House Bill recently passed in the Arizona House that would permit any employer to refuse to provide health insurance covering birth control if this is against their religious beliefs. House Bill 2625 will now go to the Senate for evaluation. If the bill passes the Senate, it will be signed into law by Gov. Jan Brewer.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Arizona is among 26 states with laws that mandate employers to include contraception coverage in the Arizona health insurance plans they are providing to their female employees. However, this is bound to change in the near future if HB 2625 will become law. It would allow any business to claim a religious exemption to stop covering contraception.

New Arizona Health Insurance Bill Erodes Women's Rights

For Michelle Steinberg, Planned Parenthood lobbyist, the bill would just lead to more unplanned pregnancies and can possibly increase abortion rates. Steinberg said, "Birth control is a preventative health-care benefit." This is essential in order to improve women's health as well as the health of families. Steinberg even questioned the people who introduced anti-abortion bills why they are blocking access to birth control if they wanted to reduce abortion rates.

Steinberg said that it's OK for religious employers like a church to be exempted from providing contraceptive coverage. However, simply allowing any employer to 'opt out' based on their religious belief system is a sign of discrimination against their workers.

Bryan Howard, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Arizona, said that HB 2625 will just pave the way for every employer and insurer in Yuma County to superimpose their values when it comes to major health care decisions available to women.

Contrary to the claims made by the proponents, Howard believes that this will not protect religious freedom. This new bill steps on the religious freedom of female employees who wish to get contraception coverage. This will just enable employers to impose their own beliefs on everybody working for the company.

What Will Happen If The New Arizona Health Insurance Bill Becomes Law?

Even if the bill becomes law, if the health care reform law is not repealed, employers will still be required to cover birth control by 2013 whether it is against their religious beliefs or not. Only churches and religious organizations are exempted from offering Arizona health insurance plans with birth control coverage based on moral grounds. Arizona health insurance companies would still have to cover the expenses of birth-control coverage.

According to the Obama administration, this mandate will improve women's health. AZ health insurance companies must cover government-approved birth control for women as a form of preventive care with no co-pays under the new health care guidelines. Birth control methods that will be covered include FDA approved IUD's, pills, morning-after pills as well as long-acting contraceptive implants.

If this health care reform mandate is enacted, a slight increase in Arizona health insurance plan premiums is to be expected. To decrease your monthly premiums, you can opt for high-deductible health plans that offer low premiums since preventive care is completely covered by plans post health care reform law.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Women's Health - For Runners

Women's Health - For RunnersRunning is a universal sport, where distinctions are made by speed, ability and ambition rather than by sex. Nevertheless, there are some fundamental issues of physiology and biology that impact only on women.


Female runners are at a greater risk of anemia than sedentary women, due to both menstrual blood loss and the break down of red blood cells when you exercise. This is particularly the case if you're vegetarian. All female runners should aim to consume at least 15mg of iron every day.

Running and menstruation

Your period can affect how you feel when you go out for a run, but it should not stop you training. In fact, running during your period can actually relieve cramps - as your brain releases feel-good endorphins that reduce the pain - and also alleviate breast tenderness and fluid retention. Do not worry if it feels harder to run in the week before your period: this is the time when the hormone progesterone peaks, making for a higher-than normal breathing rate. Regular running can also help to reduce the changes in mood that are often associated with premenstrual syndrome.


In some extreme cases, particularly in elite athletes who are on hard training regimes, running can lead to amenorrhoea (the absence of a monthly period). It's due to a lack of oestrogen in your body, caused by over-training, low body fat and inadequate nutrition. The hormone oestrogen is essential for the replacement of bone minerals in your body, and a deficiency raises your risk of stress fractures and osteoporosis. If you start to miss periods - and know you are not pregnant - consider your diet and training levels carefully.

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