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Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Easy Way to Find Out What She Wants on Valentines Day

The Valentine's Day Decoder

The air of mystery surrounding the one you love can be as challenging as it is fascinating. It's the unpredictable behaviour that keeps us on our toes, and those Mars and Venus differences can only make the relationship more exciting. As soon as you feel you really know her, again she'll do something to surprise you and make you smile.

Making the right choice

But figuring out what your leading lady wants at any given point, especially when it comes to finding her the perfect present, can be one of the biggest challenges of all. Some would say it's the kind of task that can only be successfully completed by the most well trained tacticians and interrogation specialists...

And while she may give you some suggestions as to something she might like for her Birthday or Christmas present, Valentines, however, leaves you with a total free range, with no more direction or guidance than to present a romantic gesture or gift. Even the most romantically inclined males are left wondering quite how to find that special something to give her, that is both romantic and also personal to her and what she likes.

Understanding her hints

With a relatively simple male logic approach of knowing and asking for what you want, it is not always easy to notice and translate her subtle hints. Not wanting to appear demanding, she will give you cues to inspire you, giving you the lead to go off and find something suitable. As we go through the moves of this lover's dance, we want to make sure we know our steps and ultimately make the right moves!

When it comes to romantic gift buying, and the female hinting system, what could be better than our experts shedding a little light on what the member s of the fairer sex really want!

Translating into gifts

With the coming together of our male and female tactical team of gifts and relationships experts, here's a little guide of what she says, and what she really means. We're not denying your woman's wonderful complications and characteristics; but simply giving you the most probable hints and translations.

With this in mind, resist the temptation to ask your lady what she wants for Valentine's Day, as it risks ruining the suspense and excitement she may already be feeling. Far better would be to discreetly work the topic of Valentines into a conversation, and simply gauge her reaction.

1) The No-buyer "Don't buy me anything for Valentine's Day"
She doesn't want an expensive Valentine's gift, but this doesn't mean you should forget about Valentine's Day all together. The crucial word here is "buy" - she may well prefer you to make or do something for her. She'd still appreciate a sign of your affection, and that sign should be something thoughtful and imaginative.

A selection of pewter IOU tokens can deliver the engraved promise of breakfast in bed, a candle lit dinner, a night of passion, a relaxing massage, or more hugs and kisses. Or, why not write your feelings in stone, with the words 'I' 'Love' and 'You' on each of a set of small pewter pebbles. Hide them somewhere secret, and have her discover and piece together your message.

2) The Minimalist "Just get me something small"
"Small" is not as vague as it initially seems. She'd prefer not to have a large display, such as flowers delivered to her workplace, or a large box of chocolates that risks impacting her diet or fitness regime.

She'd rather have a gift that's a simple and subtle reminder of how you feel, such as a glass token with the words "Have I told you lately... that I love you" or a secret keepsake heart, with an engraved declaration of love. For something a little more indulgent, she'll love sensual bath truffles, or a beautiful pair of garnet earrings.

3) The Anti-Valentine "Don't get me anything romantic or slushy"
She probably thinks large fluffy hearts and teddy bears are a bit much. Opt for gifts with a classic, muted style, she'll love the effortless style and understated look of the infinity twist necklace and earrings.

4) The Alt-Valentine "Find me something different"
She wants something as unique as she is. Why not try making her breakfast with love - by giving her the four heart frying pan and I love you toaster. The bewitched or Mayan music heart necklaces would also appeal to the woman who likes to wear quirky, unusual jewellery.

5) The Pro-Valentine "Valentines is wonderful/sweet/fun"
Ah, you have a new love. Your sweetheart is full of giddy enthusiasm, and will enjoy all the romance you have to give. Make sure you go all out with flowers, chocolates, and anything else you can get your hands on. She'll love it and she'll love you!

6) The Traditionalist "I love a bit of good old fashioned romance"
Your lady is a true romantic and enjoys the tradition of Valentines, so she'll love the more classic Valentines gifts, such as the love letter necklace, a hamper full of indulgent gifts or a decadent dinner date.

7) The Valentines Vixen "I'd rather have a quiet night in..."
She's feeling sexy and seductive this Valentine's, and a gift from the kama sutra range will fuel her passions further. Or to really spoil her, the flirtatious hamper is packed with a range of naughty items that you'll both use time and time again! On the more cheeky side, the Paris massager duck is bound to ruffle a few pillow feathers. For a more sensual gift, the chemise or camisole and French knickers sets have classic and contemporary styling, made with 100% silk that will be a joy to wear.

8) The Uninspired "I guess it's nice/it's kind of interesting"
This kind of non-committal, on the fence response is given by a woman who for whatever reason, doesn't seem to have much of an opinion on Valentines. Erring on the side of caution, it's a good idea to tentatively make a nice Valentines gesture (and she'll hopefully give you a better response next year!). Give her something that will delight and surprise her.... instead of chocolates, send her on a chocolatier course, instead of roses, name a rose after her. And if she's still feeling indecisive, why not treat her to the yes or no coin necklace!

9) The Messenger "It is an opportunity to express your emotions/display your feelings..."
Hmm, perhaps she's looking for a little direction, and doesn't want to put you in the corner and ask you directly how you feel. Or she might be looking for you to communicate your feelings a little more often. Show her you care and make sure she is no longer in any doubt! If you really want to spell it out, try the 'LOVE' necklace in the modern design of the famous Love Statue. And you couldn't give more of a stronger symbol than a solid silver heart in a box labelled 'Yours'.

10) If all else fails or you've completely forgotten...
You might want to consider one of our most extravagant gifts yet - a champagne flight for two in your very own capsule on the London Eye! Hopefully this translation has helped a little in decoding her hints, and upon hitting the right note you can take all the credit! Whether she's a sexy seductress or a real romantic (or both!), here's to having a wonderful time with your Valentine.

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