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Monday, 9 April 2012

In Search of The Perfect Cleansing Diet

In Search of The Perfect Cleansing DietMy friend was in her mid fifties as she rambled on about cleansing diets and detoxification. Out of respect for the fact she was older than I, my initial ridicule was stuffed back down my throat and I politely listened. She began to talk about these cleansing processes that initially I thought sounded rather barbaric. Milk thistle just sounded like something prickly to drink. But apparently it was part of this cleansing diet she was speaking about, so again, I nodded politely.

I think she knew that I found the notion of cleansing diets a bit silly. I left that day rolling my eyes and reminding myself that Kate does those things, she's so ready to try something new and different just to try to gain an ounce of good health. Less than a week later there was milk thistle and some sort of colon cleansing drink in our pantry. Knowing full well this did not belong to anyone in my family, I questioned my room mate about it, and was told all about the benefits of colon cleansing. This would have made sense to me if Kate and my room mate were friends, but in reality they had only met once for less than three minutes. Not to mention that the room mate was not one to try new things and to go out of her way to discover the latest and greatest health fad the way Kate did.

I allowed the room mate to take me through these websites that had nasty, graphic photographs of the results of colon cleansing. If anything like that ever came out of my body I suppose I would have to call an ambulance, considering that about half of it looked bigger than my entire body. Despite the fact that we mocked her daily, the room mate insisted on her colon cleansing routine everyday for several weeks. Somewhere in the middle of it there was a huge commotion as people were charging in and out of her bedroom. Apparently something resembling those pictures she showed me on the internet came out of her body, and the plumbing couldn't handle it. She had cleansed her colon right into a plumbing crisis. Despite her best efforts to get me to go into her bathroom and look at it, I just watched the parade of people coming out of her bedroom, shaking their heads.

Out of concern for her health and ignorance over the colon cleansing process, I looked up some information on the internet, and sure enough, whatever she produced was considered quite normal for colon cleansing. Apparently colon cleansing really cleans out everything that has been stored in the intestines for twenty years or so.

After the commotion died down, the room mate carried on for awhile about how wonderful she felt. Her colon cleansing had apparently solved her chronic back ache she'd been complaining of for several years. Ironically, a few days later I saw my friend Kate again, and she looked really good. In fact, she looked better than I had ever seen her before. When I complimented her on this, she launched into a full scale explanation of the cleansing diet. She explained how it cleansed everything she felt like she had been carrying around in her body for nearly 60 years and just washed it away. She told me that the cleansing diet made her feel like she was 20 again.

By now I am realizing that there's something about this cleansing diet that I just didn't get. At home I had seen the results of what appeared to be a very successful colon cleansing while right in front of me was the very obvious results from the cleansing diet.

I would have to be blind not to be able to notice the benefits of both the colon cleansing and the cleansing diet. What I really didn't seem to understand was how this was all so necessary. Wasn't our body supposed to be able to provide its own colon cleansing? I was also well aware of how careful Kate was about what she stuck in her body. So how could someone so health conscious have all of these toxins stored up in their body?

When I got home I realized that it was time for some serious research on both colon cleansing and the cleansing diet. I actually have very few health complaints, but who doesn't want to feel better if they can? So I looked up the colon cleansing and the cleansing diet. I have access to some extraordinary research tools through a University, and I was thoroughly surprised by what the research revealed. For starters, the cleansing diet, provided it is performed correctly, really does remove approximately 60-75% of your body's toxins. This really set my wheels thinking, and I continued on with some more research. There are a few parameters to the appropriate diet. 80% of the cleansing diets out there are more scam than research based cleansing diet information. Finding a safe and effective cleansing diet could prove to be a challenge. The wrong cleansing diet would simply allow a person to shed a few pounds, but other than that, it won't get rid of the real toxicity levels in the body.

So how does one determine the right cleansing diet from the wrong cleansing diet? The first question I asked was how does the cleansing diet offered educate me? Apparently we run around ingesting toxins every day. There are the common types that most people are aware of and then are the uncommon types. So any really good cleansing diet is going to educate me on which foods and drinks contain which toxins so that I can avoid them. I don't just want an outline of a cleansing diet. I'm going to want to know why I am eating some things and not eating other things. I am going to want my cleansing diet to work, but I am also going to want to keep the toxins out of my body.

It turns out the cleansing diets are really inappropriate for some people. There are people who should avoid cleansing diets altogether. So I don't want a cleansing diet sales person who is willing to just sell their version of the cleansing diet to just anyone without warning them that there are people who should avoid the cleansing diet. I certainly didn't know that some people actually become addicted to cleansing diets. This definitely concerned me. I was relieved to know that there are a couple of cleansing diet programs out there that do tell you how to avoid this and why cleansing diet addiction happens.

I did know that it is possible to overdose on vitamins, and while vitamins are an important part of ridding the body of toxins, there has to be a way to know when you are abusing the benefits of vitamins. I found a few more cleansing diets that offered information on avoiding vitamin overdosing. Although most of the information on cleansing diets that offered information on avoiding vitamin overdosing didn't offer information on cleansing diet addiction, and only one offered information on vitamin overdosing, cleansing diet addiction, and informed me on how to avoid the toxins altogether.

I dug a little deeper. There are ample people out there selling information on cleansing diets, some which include information on cleansing diet addiction, vitamin overdosing, and avoiding toxins. However these people aren't offering a cleansing diet plan! So now I have to go purchase a cleansing diet plan from one organization and then turn around and try to find comprehensive information on cleansing diet addiction, vitamin overdosing, and avoiding toxins. Why doesn't everyone just include it all in one package?

Well, it turns out that someone does. The package includes everything I wanted to know plus a few things that I didn't know that I wanted to know. The package included information on being aware of the potential to overdose on vitamins, a section on cleansing diet addiction, and even a section on avoiding toxins. Apparently there are 84 common toxins that I needed to be aware of. That's quite a few things I come in daily contact with that contain toxins. On top of all this information that I wanted, the package also included actual recipes for following a highly effective cleansing diet. I was so excited to find this.

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