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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Women's Health

Women's HealthThough men and women may have similar immunity levels, it is their individual social behavior that may define their health conditions. This is particularly worth emphasizing on with regard to sexually transmitted diseases.

For decades now, one of the most feared diseases is still rampant. Surprisingly, AIDS is a rampant disease in many parts of the world, including developed countries. You will be surprised to learn about some of the statistics regarding this disease, which are, to say the least, appalling.


According to statistics, it is known now that women are almost 2 to 2.5 times more likely to get infected with HIV Positive than men are. This is clearly the result of social behavior by people regarding their sexual activity.

Men, especially where there are lower literacy rates tend to indulge in unprotected sex. This is something very harmful because of the fact that diseases are transmitted easily. They do not realize the amount of risk they put their own families, as they do not consider that they are vulnerable to becoming germ carriers after becoming HIV Positive. Not just with AIDS, but with other contractible diseases such as syphilis, men can pose threats to their families. Besides spreading diseases to their family, their sexual behavior, if promiscuous, may result in many other women becoming infected.

In more developed parts of the world, the statistics are not optimistic as one might assume them to be. This is because people are careless often enough, and do not really consider the results of their actions at times. They need to take precautions and do so seriously. People in developed countries should not have a problem using the information about HIV infection that they have been provided with. It is indeed a real shame when this vital information is not heeded.

Though there are several ways for one to prevent a pregnancy occurring, it must be asserted that there are limited means of preventing the spread of a sexually transmitted disease. The contraceptive sheath is probably the only known successful method of protecting the spread of the AIDS virus. It is believed to be the responsibility of men to make sure that they use a contraceptive sheath for sexual activity.


Taking a look at women and the precautions they can take during sexual activity reveals that they do not have much choice. They have to make sure that their partners use a contraceptive sheath. The other methods of protection only protect them from conceiving and do little to protect them from contracting a disease.

Women, especially in under developed countries, cannot always make sure their partners use a contraceptive sheath. This is perhaps the main reason why more women than men are HIV Positive. More recently, female contraceptive sheaths have been developed, and women who wear these are thought to be better off.

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