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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nutrition And ADHD - Finding The Right Foods Is Easy

Nutrition And ADHD - Finding The Right Foods Is EasyThings are not great on the nutrition and ADHD front to-day as kids are bombarded with junk food advertising. Overall, the situation is pretty bleak in that we know that about half a million of American families are hungry and their children rely on their school lunch to survive.

This is one of the reasons why the signing of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 by President Obama is so significant. This will help to improve the standards of nutrition in school meal programs so at least that is a positive step forward. Overall though, the number of obese children is the other side of the coin because we know that the junk food they eat with too much sugar, salt and additives is just not healthy. This has a very negative impact on ADHD kids especially.

As regards nutrition and ADHD, the situation is somewhat complicated. Lots of so called ADHD diets have been touted and some parents really believe that they can make a difference. This is somewhat complicated by the fact that each child is different and allergic reactions certainly play a role.

We know that any food that can help the brain to function better is really what we want. After all, we need to help an ADHD child to be able to pay attention better, to focus more accurately. In addition, if there are foods that will help them to be less distracted, impulsive and have greater self control, then it would be really worthwhile giving more attention to the whole question of ADHD and nutrition.

Fortunately for us, there are foods that will assist the brain. I am thinking here of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids. They are so important because about 60% of our brain cells are fat so we need plenty more but of course they have to be the right kind. The best foods to go for here are certain fish such as salmon, nuts, walnuts and canola oil. If we are worried about toxins in fish, a good Omega 3 supplement will do just as well.

We can also supplement the simple carbohydrates such as white sugar, white bread, biscuits with the more complex ones such as fruit and vegetables.

Another great way is to favour more protein and especially at breakfast. We should concentrate on making sure that eggs, cheese, certain meats and nuts are included on a fairly regular basis.

Other healthy options are making sure that we substitute soda pop with fruit juices. We can encourage them to drink water by adding a lemon slice to give it ` bit of a kick. Making sure they drink enough is also a good habit as we know that about 75% of Americans are dehydrated. Very often hunger pangs are mistaken for a need to quench our thirst! A glass of water has zero calories which we adults would do well to remember occasionally.

These then are the simple steps we can take for nutrition and ADHD. But diet will not be enough and we should be looking at ADHD natural remedies because the side effects are zero and there are no long term risks to the child's health either. Why not check out my website where I have outlined all this.

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